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  • Coastal Marin Coin

    Coastal Marin Coin

    Every Time You Put $75 Worth Of
    West Marin’s $3 Coins Into Circulation,
    You Can Give $40 To The Non-Profit Organization Of Your Choice.

    How is it possible ? Pick up one of our new 25-coin boxes for $75. Spend the coins around town, give a few as gifts to out-of-town friends; if you’re a merchant, offer them as change to your customers. Then give the empty coin box to the non-profit of your choice. Coastal Marin Fund redeems boxes from non-profits at $40 each.

    There are no grant applications or awards committees. You decide who gets the $40 contribution. And you can do this over and over again. So the next time some credit card purveyor or other enterprise tries to wow you with a promise to donate 1% of your purchases to a charity, think 56%. Because that’s the percentage that goes to charity with our local coins!

    Individual $3 coins are available for sale at most merchants in West Marin. You may purchase 25 coins at a time in a redeemable canister at Flower Power in Point Reyes Station, or at Keith Hanson’s studio in Bolinas. (The nonprofit of your choice returns the empty canister to us; we write that nonprofit a check for $40.)

    Coastal Marin Coin

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