West Marin Citizen 2011

“Funding for nonprofits now available through Coastal Marin Fund”

from the West Marin Citizen, May 5 2011

West Marin’s newest philanthropic organization, the Coastal Marin Fund, announced that $6,690 in available funding for local nonprofits has been generated through local businesses and individuals participating in the think local-spend local coin campaign.

The process works as follows. Each 25-coin container (purchase price $75) that an individual or business empties by putting the tokens into circulation may be given to a nonprofit to redeem at CMF for a face value of $40.

Businesses and individuals who have made significant efforts to kick start the program by purchasing containers this past year will be given the $40 containers to give to nonprofits of their choice. The nonprofits then can redeem the containers at CMF.

The following are the “grantors” receiving containers, with the following total value, to distribute to nonprofits of their choice:

Flower Power, Point Reyes Station, $1600 for putting 1000 coins into circulation. Containers can also be purchased here.

Point Reyes Books, Point Reyes Station, $960 for putting 600 coins into circulation.

Stinson Beach Books, $200.

Calpestri Management, $640.

Keith Hansen, designer of the coin depicting local icons, $1400.

Gary Ireland, for West Marin Community Services, $160.

Sebastian Ellis, Point Reyes Station, $1600.

Arianne Dar, Bolinas, $320.

CMF has said that if just one out of 10 of the more than 2 million tourists who pass through West Marin each year take home a single coin, that will raise over $400,000 for local non-profits. The coins can be kept in circulation by using them as cash and accepting them in change. A list of where to find, trade or use the tokens or to purchase them directly can be found at www.coastalmarinfund.org.

So far, where to find, trade, and/or use West Marin currency for cash:

Contact us if you want to be one of them!

If you are a local non-profit (therefore a potential beneficiary of this program), please notify your members about what we are doing. We’re happy to provide images and information for your website.